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About the Founder

John Bejarano

CEO and Head of Strategy


At the eager age of 6, John Bejarano’s entrepreneurial spirit began to take shape when he founded his first business of selling homemade cakes and coffee to his neighbors. Fast forward over three decades later, and John has built a solid reputation as a hands-on Brand Strategist known for delivering impactful results in branding, digital marketing, and celebrity partnerships.

John is the CEO and Head of Strategy for First Class Alliance, where he leads an A-team of professionals focused on business growth and profitability through paid ads, sales funnels, and performance-driven marketing.

With over 18 years of marketing experience, he’s helped from startups to Fortune 500s win customers and generate millions of dollars in revenue. John has a keen vision of the big picture and strategic goals but can also drive the tactics needed to get there. Over the years, clients trust him as a strategic partner and advisor that gets the job done.

John has served on the Board of the MIT Enterprise Forum of South Florida as VP of Marketing for four years and previously on the Board of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association for seven years, where he helped organize over 100 technology and marketing events.

John is a Harvard University-trained marketer, where he is currently pursuing a Professional Certification in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy. He holds many certifications in digital marketing and brand strategy that give his recommendations structure, leverage best practices, and ultimately deliver results.