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Ryan Teixeira

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Ryan Teixeira

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan is a computer engineer and information technology veteran with over 26 years experience. Core strengths include Application Development Architecture, Multi-tier Web and Networked Applications, Relational Database, Oracle, MySQL, PHP, Java, C++ and Perl. Ryan is a leader in building highly effective development teams, project management, and resource planning.

Ryan’s experience as a Principle Software Architect, Technology Strategist, & Senior Engineer has given him positions with companies such as Yahoo, Daleen Technologies, First Data, and 4 Media Online. At First Data, a global technology and payments processing leader serving millions of merchants and consumers worldwide, Ryan served as Senior Application Architect for 10 years. Ryan’s vast technical knowledge, understanding of different architecture solutions and design skills, enables him to complete mission critical projects on time, reduce lead time for processing, and find innovative budget saving solutions.